​Certified flight instructor

A large number of career helicopter pilots started their first flying job as a CERTIFIED FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR. A Certified Flight Instructor has privileges which allow training other helicopter pilots. This is the most common first step for newly rated commercial pilots, and is the beginning of many helicopter careers. Working as a flight instructor you will gain valuable hours and experience to move on to your first job in the commercial world, come in and talk to us about what its like to work as an instructor.

Elements covered in the CFI course:

  • Knowledge of the Fundamentals of Instruction
  • Lesson plan preparation
  • Flight evaluations
  • Effective pre/post flight instruction
  • Analysis of student pilot errors and common problems
  • Flight instructor roles and responsibilities

Flight training and ground training vary widely at this phase, and in most cases is accomplished on a single instructor to student basis.

When you reach the level of training required for CFI or CFII, you can count on BHH to thoroughly prepare you for your checkride. The CFI is one of the toughest checkrides you will perform in your career, so don't leave it to chance. BHH has the CFI or CFII program, and the qualified instructors to prepare you - on the ground and in the cockpit.