The COMMERCIAL PILOT LICENSE is offered as part of the Professional Pilot Program, or is an add-on to any currently certified private pilot. As with any of our programs, this is tailored to fit your requirements, and you do not need to be enrolled in any of our programs to be trained as a commercial pilot at BHH.

Phase I (Private Pilot)

As outlined in the Private Pilot Program, this is always the first part of your commercial training. You may go straight to Commercial Pilot, but most students prefer to attain their Private Pilot certificate first. The Commercial Pilot requires 150 hours total time, so if you obtain your Private Pilot, you may carry passengers as you build hours toward your Commercial certificate.

Phase II (Commercial Training)

As you attain your required hours, your training and solo time will be used together. During this phase, you will train to stricter commercial standards. More flying will be accomplished within the Class B airspace of Boston, which is the most congested airspace in New England. Many commercial helicopter jobs are within airspace such as this, and exposure early in your career has tremendous benefit.

Blue Hill Helicopters will also expose the commercial student to more off-airport operations. You will learn pinnacle approaches within the foothills of the White Mountains. You will also learn how to approach and land within confined areas, including fields, clearings, and parking areas.

FAA Requirements

The minimum number of hours the FAA allows for the commercial rating is 150. This is a reasonable expectation, and is used in our calculations of total hours.

Ground School

At BHH, we have only one ground school which covers both Private and Commercial Pilot ratings, so if you are enrolled in the Professional Pilot Program, our Private Pilot Groundschool meets the requirements for the commercial pilot written test.

Medical Requirements

To be eligible for the checkride, you must hold a Class II Medical certificate, be at least 18 years of age, and read, speak, and write English.

Commercial Add-On

If you already have your fixed wing license, contact us for details on how you can easily get your rotorcraft Commercial Add-On.