​Flight review in Boston. Helicopter flight review.

A flight review is the FAA's way to ensure that passengers are in a safe environment, and that pilots are proficient and up-to-date with procedures, flight rules and regulations.  
Blue Hill Helicopters offers Flight Reviews (formerly knowns as BFR’s) and SFAR 73 Flight Reviews. These flight reviews are designed to keep you both current and proficient to your pilot certificate level. Flight reviews can be completed in the R44 Raven I. The flight review consists of a minimum of one hour ground instruction and a minimum of one hour of flight instruction in accordance with 14 CFR Part 61.56 or SFAR 73 to Part 61. The Flight Review will specifically included the following subjects:

SFAR 73 Required Awareness Review

  • Energy Management
  • Mast Bumping
  • Low Rotor RPM (Blade Stall)
  • Low G Hazards and Recovery
  • Rotor RPM Decay, Recognition, and Recovery
  • FAR Part 91 - general operating procedures and flight rules
  • ADM and CRM

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