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Ready to get in the air ? come in and talk to us about how you can be a private pilot in as little as 12 weeks.

So you want to take your friends for a flight ? you only need your private license and you can rent one of our 4 seat Robinson R44's !


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Want to save some serious money on your training ? Come and check out the only approved full size AATD helicopter simulator in the northeast.


Smart boards, flat screen TV's iPads and apple macs, we have all the modern training aids at Blue Hill Helicopters.

Its true !, pilots are retiring and helicopter pilots are in high demand, there has never been more job possibilities than today.

From zero to Commercial pilot and flight instructor, we can provide it all with quality helicopter flight training. click on success stories to see some of our graduates.


Over 10 years experience training recreational and professional pilots, owned and operated by an industry professional.

Ever dreamed of being a utility pilot ? maybe even an EMS pilot ? Many of Blue hill helicopters graduates have proven that it is possible.