Instrument Rating 

As you decide to move along in your training, or if you are on the path to becoming a professional helicopter pilot, the INSTRUMENT RATING is the next step. We will train you to depart, cruise, and land with sole reference to onboard instrumentation. This is a good investment for all pilots, for both safety and proficiency reasons. BHH uses an R44 Glass cockpit instrument training aircraft, fully equipped for all phases of instrument flight.

*Save money with the 'FLY-IT' Simulator
The extreme realism of the FLYIT Professional Helicopter Simulator allows pilots to spend more time flying to learn, maintain and enhance their proficiency without using expensive helicopter flight time. We use the simulator to save you time and money during your Instrument course

Stage1 (Attitude Instrument Flying)

This part of your training consists of learning to fly the helicopter without any outside reference. You will learn the different profiles in which this model operates. You will also learn to “fly by the numbers”, following strict power, airspeed and attitude combinations. This is the biggest transition you will have in your training, as you may find it quite challenging to fly “with the hood” obscuring all outside reference. When you have mastered this phase, it’s time to integrate all this into the next phase.

Stage 2 (Navigation and Approaches)

Now that you can fly the helicopter under the hood, and communicate with ATC, it’s time to land! In this phase, we will practice approaches of different types while you are under the hood. We will cover all the possible emergency situations you will find as a helicopter pilot operating in bad weather, without outside reference. You will understand the different parts of an approach, and see experience the thrill of navigating form your helicopter pad to a distant airport..all without looking outside !

Stage 3 (Preparation and Checkride)

The last phase consists of reviewing everything learned in the prior phases, and refining of skills which will help you through the upcoming checkride. BHH also offers a fully structured instrument ground school and FAA approved simulator, the only of it’s kind in the area! A must have for properly passing your instrument written examination. You have now earned your instrument rating and can progress on to the commercial stage