Introductory flights

Be a pilot for a day - It might turn into a career! 
You can sit in the pilot’s seat and fly a helicopter for the first time while under the supervision of a professional flight instructor. 
An introductory flight is the perfect way for you to get your first experience of flying a helicopter. If you have always dreamt of flying, 
or would like to give someone the unique and unforgettable gift of flight then this is for you!

We will take the time to answer your questions or concerns about 
flight training, getting your license and what you can do with your license. 
This flight will count towards your license. 


​$299 for 30 min ground instruction and 30 min flight instruction. 
Our pricing is based on a flat rate. Including fuel and pilot.

Frequently asked questions 

What to wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing. Tennis shoes are recommended.

What to bring?

Everyone prefers to bring sunglasses and a camera.

Can I bring any friends? 

Yes, feel free to bring up to two friends or family members with you. 
On our Robinson R44 the capacity is up to two observers 
in the back seats.