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Train with us at Blue hill helicopters and achieve your goal of becoming a professional helicopter pilot !


Stephen Boatwright 

Owner/Chief Pilot

Steve is a originally from England, he arrived in the US 13 years ago with dreams of becoming an EMS pilot.

Steve started Blue Hill Helicopters with his wife Helen over 10 years ago and they both continue to maintain a presence to provide advice and guidance to students and instructors.

He works for a large part 135 EMS operator based in Dallas and travels the country working as a training captain and FAA check airman flying the Agusta A109 and A119. He has experience flying in the gulf of mexico and EMS in many different conditions including multi engine aircraft and single pilot IFR. Steve has over 5000 hours.

RATINGS: ATP, CFI, CFII Rotorcraft, COM, instrument, CFI Airplane, UAV pilot, A&P Mechanic.

Steve Skribiski Instructor

Steve is a native of Massachusettes. He came to BHH after living in Florida and studying to become a helicopter pilot. Steve joined the team at BHH in early 2016 and soon started learning the ropes of the busy Boston class B airspace. On his days off he travels back to western MA to see family. 

RATINGS: Commercial, CFI, CFII Rotorcraft

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Stuart Spencer Instructor

Stuart hails from England. He trained at Bristow academy in Florida obtaining both his EASA (european) helicopter ratings and his FAA Commercial ratings. Stuart or 'Spence' as he likes to be called ! comes from a family of aviators, both his father and brother are fast jet pilots in the RAF.

RATINGS: EASA Commercial Rotorcraft and FAA Commercial, CFI, CFII Rotorcraft.

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Johann Sweitzer

Instructor (part time)

Johann came to Blue hill helicopters 4 years ago and had never stepped into a helicopter before. Johann completed all his ratings at BHH and moved on to become an instructor. He worked as an instructor for several years building time and then got his first job as an SIC in Albuquerque NM in an Agusta A119Kx helicopter. After Johann built valuable turbine time and 135 experience he transferred to life flight of Maine where he fly's single pilot IFR in the Agusta A109. Johann has over 2500 hours 

RATINGS: ATP, CFI 9 (Gold seal), CFII Rotorcraft. UAV Pilot. 

Rob Brigham Lead mechanic

With over 40 years experience as a mechanic and inspector, Rob has what it takes to keep our helicopters in great shape. Rob spends the weekends relaxing at his home on the cape unless we call him to come and fix something !

RATINGS: Commercial Rotorcraft, A&P mechanic, IA

Sivert Frivik Instructor

Sivert comes to us from Norway, he spent many weeks aboard a viking boat to get to the east coast of Florida where he trained as a helicopter pilot at Bristow academy. He studied together with Stuart to obtain his EASA (european) ratings and FAA ratings. Sivert's goal is to fly to oil platforms in the north sea when he has gained enough hours teaching others to fly.

RATINGS: EASA Commercial Rotorcraft and FAA Commercial, CFI, CFII Rotorcraft.

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